Dipole RFID tags will allow you to identify goods, items and assets using RFID technology with any product, environment and surface matieral: metal, plastic, glass, wood, water, etc.

An RFID label is, simply put, is an encased RFID antenna chip, converted to a specific shape and using particular material for effective application in various settings and evironments. 

The diversity of RFID labels has no limit, there are labels for just about everything and the potential for continual evolution and development is great and far reaching. 

RFID Labels on Metal

RFID tags on metal are designed to be attached to a metal surface without the need for a plastic layer. The advantage of these labels is that you can print and encode RFID with a standard printer and come with different measures according to the read ranges that are required for the application: tools, IT, office objects, etc.

Frequency: 860-960MHz

International standards: ISO 18000-6C

EPC Class 1 Gen 2

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RFID Labels on Metal